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Do you think you might be autistic?

Are there barriers to getting a formal 'diagnosis'? 

Want to prepare for formal assessment?
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Self-identification is valid and accepted by the Autistic Community.

We offer resources and guided webinars to help you self-identify as autistic.

Our founder, Dasha Kolesik, is an autistic speech pathologist and autism assessor. As someone who has gone through the process of self-identification followed by formal identification, Dasha understands the challenges and benefits of this journey. 


We're here to help individuals self-identify as autistic by providing resources and guidance to better understand themselves and their experiences. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for all individuals seeking to better understand themselves and their neurodivergent identity. We hope you find our free resources helpful and empowering, and we are here to support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Our founder Dasha Kolesik, in a floral dress standing in front of a tree


Free Autism Online Tests

Take online tests, including the CAT-Q and RAADS


Guided Identification Webinar

Join a guided self-identification  webinar with an autistic autism assessor. 


Info Hub

Find a collation of resources, articles and helpful links here.


Unmasking Tools

Resources to help you 'lean in' to your authentic autistic self.

Therapy Sessions

The Autistic Self-Discovery Process

There are many different pathways to discovering that you're autistic.


Some choose to go directly to formal identification (also known as 'diagnosis'), while others choose to research it first and do some self-reflection prior to a formal assessment, while others bypass formal assessment/identification all together. This could be due to personal choice, or because of barriers in formal assessment, such as cost and availability.


While You Wonder is here to help you on your autistic self-discovery process and can help you self-identify as autistic, or help you prepare for formal identification.

I've been researching autism for a while but struggled to apply it to myself. I found the guided webinar easy to follow and informative in a way that allowed me to bring my experiences into play

Sarah  Age 26

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